Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cleaning up tests in selenium - Killing processes and clearing temporary files

All selenium tests create profiles on the temp folder(temporary directory) and browsers apart from firefox spawn separate processes(.exe's) that are not tied with the java process that spawns selenium.

driver.quit() usually does the trick of clearing the temp folders and kills the processes associated with the tests.But there has been several issues around this and it does not work particularly with older versions of selenium webdriver.

As per Issue 1934 the firefox problem of deleting the temp folders seems to have been solved.But it does not work in standard manner for other browsers. Stackoverflow has many questions related to this and the only reasonable way to solve this is to clear the temp folder and kill the process by external means.

Again if we write boilerplate code using Java File I/O to delete files in temp folder, it is a pain to recurse and delete all the files and also the folders. Fortunately Apache Commons IO has a way to deal with this.I have a made a test cleanup method of my own which deletes all files from temp ignoring the ones that cannot be deleted and kills the process names that you specify to it.

Link to the code : 

Let me know in case of any suggestions or issues.

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